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our consulting services

Business is constantly evolving, and to keep yours on track requires understanding how to run it. We help by providing guidance, advice and mentorship to grow, protect and preserve your company.

We provide accounting support to entrepreneurs and fast-growing companies that help grow their business while mitigating risk.

Business today demands solutions, and we can help.

we specialize in

Ad hoc accounting assistance and advice.

Growth-stage companies that need accounting systems to keep up with their growth.

Foreign companies that need Canadian accounting.

Investment companies that need accounting for their portfolios or rental properties.

Implementing financial processes and policies for new businesses that need help launching their accounting systems.

Providing management with sound knowledge and resources to increase profitability and minimize risk.


We review your financial statements to evaluate your current financial position and assist you in preparing financial projections and business plans.

We assist in cash flow budgeting which is an essential part of sound management and can be a useful tool to help avoid short-term cash shortfalls.

We provide support with banking and obtaining financing.

We work with other professionals to provide support from banking to operations and other business startup services.

day-to-day operations

  • We assist with recordkeeping and payroll.
  • We design management reports that work for you.


  • Financial statements

  • Working papers for external auditors

  • Corporate returns.

  • HST,WSIB and EHT returns.
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